My Seven Births

Every pregnancy is different. Every birth is different. Even those little babies are different.

I read a blogger who did the same awhile back and it was super encouraging and interesting to read while I waited for my own labor to start. You can read about hers here.  She is pretty amazing.

Elijah: One week late. Water broke about 10ish, shortly after I went to bed. Arrived at the hospital. Got checked, but was not “in labor” yet. Midwife (CNM) let me go home! (This was back in 2001.) Encouraged me to eat jelly with toast and sleep. Went home, but was back to the hospital in full labor after midnight. Walked, used tub although it was down a hallway, threw up, labored for about 8 hours, hyperventilated and pushed for about 30 minutes. No drugs. Tore a small amount. He was 8 lbs 14 oz. Found out a he had a small crack in his collar bone, but healthy beautiful boy!

Lydia: Midwife wanted me to call her at the hospital so she could “check me” on my due date. Nurses were not to happy with this. She scraped my membranes pretty intensely and assured me I would have my baby that evening and asked me if I wanted to check in. It was Father’s Day and I opted to go to a BBQ at my Dads. This was in the afternoon. Labored at the BBQ, at home, and in the hospital all in about 4 hours. Threw up again 🙁 but no drugs. Pushed two times. So relieved I was done. They were concerned about breathing and took her away from me pretty quickly. She was perfect and recovered quickly. 8 lbs 4 oz. Born just before midnight- Happy Fathers Day!

Elizabeth: Gained a lot of weight on this birth. Asked midwife to scrape my membranes again at a morning appt. 3 days before my due date. Started labor by lunchtime and labored at home for awhile. Water broke when I was getting on my hospital gown. I was hitting transition very quickly while nurse was asking me ridiculous questions. Labored about 4-5 hours total with no drugs. First baby I remember “pooping” during labor. Gross. But she was 9 lbs 9 oz! Our first gender surprise baby! They were concerned I was hemorrhaging and gave me a shot on thigh and pill up my bummy. I have never had a nurse lay into my uterus so hard, it was horrible. I was fine. Thankful to have such big healthy baby in my arms.

Jason: Begged my midwife to scrape my membranes a week earlier with this baby. He was our last and I was done. She waited till I was a few days late. It did not work as quickly. She did it in the morning and I did not start till I went to bed that night. About midnight I got to head to hospital. Again, no IV or drugs, but hospital policy at this time was that I be prepped for one. He was born in 4 hours and came shooting out with my water. I was very determined and focused during this birth. Praise God no throw up. One push! 7lbs 4oz.

Two Miscarriages: Four years later after Sean’s Vasectomy Reversal. One was pretty earlier at 6 weeks and the other closer to 8 weeks. Painful, but renewed my trust in putting my fertility in God’s hands.

Hadassah:  My first home birth. Asked this midwife to scrape my membranes. It stimulated labor but did not start it. Water broke a few days later past my due date. I continued to leak fluid for about 5 days. She came to my home daily to watch my vitals and had me up on Vitamin C. I retained a ton of water and my feet were incredible FAT. Finally had a tablespoon of Castrol Oil in orange juice and fried an egg in a little for breakfast. Went for a walk, then midwife helped me use the breast pump. Shortly after this my water REALLY broke and I labored for two hours. Throw up, poo and all. She had her hand up, so was second baby I tore a little with. Amazing to have a baby at home. So relaxing after birth. 9lbs 2oz!

Mordecai: My first early baby! By 10 days. I did fry an egg in oil, but it did not on the day I went into labor. Had two hard contractions and lunch and dinner. Labor hit hard about 1am and he was born by 3am in the morning. A few tired pushes. I was done. Midwives were very helpful and gone by 5am. He had a knot in his cord and was pretty small but otherwise healthy. I am pretty sure this is why God had him come out early! What a little guy 6 lbs 10 oz! We lived in a small house so quiet recovery was a little harder 😉

Priscilla: A very interesting situation. We lived in a new state and homebirth midwives are not allowed to deliver. We drove to Ohio to have the birth at a friends house. This was my first THM baby. I took way better care of myself and ate a ton more protein. At the end of my birth, I took a herb called Gentle Birth. It allowed for more Braxton Hicks and helped stimulate labor. Not sure if I will do it again. It did make my birth very gentle, but almost too different. Midwife did scrape my membranes but had baby a few days later 2 days after my due date. Tried to have a water birth, but labor slowed too much. Labored for about 5 hours and was fully comfortable during contractions till the pushing. Pushed my water “to break” and delivered baby shortly after. She was another surprise baby girl! I will have to check, but I think she was about 8 lbs! lol

I am sure I left something out.. there ya go!
Taking it one baby at a time 😉


My third homebirth with Baby Priscilla.